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Ho Chi Minh City

4 Hours, From US$85pp




Explore the busiest city Saigon through back alleys walking tour designed by our destination specialists – the best way to gain an in-depth knowledge of the destination. See the daily life of Saigon-ese living in small little space, and their daily activities. Immerse yourself in the local culture with hands on bargaining experience at a local wet market. Taste the freshness of steamed corns and sip an original Vietnamese black coffee. Learn hidden secrets through our travel expert’s explanations.

Journey Highlights

  • Tour the hidden alleys of Saigon with an insider.
  • Learn the real-life stories behind big buildings and luxury shops.
  • Enjoy an up-close view of alley life with a sit-down breakfast at your choice.
  • Savor a traditional coffee with condensed milk.
  • Interact with the local people and immerse in the culture.



Tour the bustling city through hidden alleys in Saigon. People said if you have not been in these alleys, it means that you are not yet seeing the real Saigon. Walk through historical sites and famous landmarks: the City Hall, former Presidential Palace and the French designed Opera House. Slide through the downtown alleyways with your local travel experts, then straight to the old French quarter in district 3. A sit-down breakfast and Vietnamese coffee will be served then explore the hidden bunker of weapons since 1965. See the statue of Thich Quang Duc, the self-immolated monk in 1963 to protest against Diem’s government for turning the Catholicism becoming the main religion. Try your bargaining skill at the wholesale flower market of Ho Thi Ky then return to the area of backpackers for a little flavor of Cambodian BBQ beef stuffed in Banh Mi to end the great morning.

This tour is a recommended sample itinerary handcrafted by our destination specialists that can be fully customized to your preferred dates, time frame, hotel’s location and travel interests.


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Saigon Explorer: Back Alleys Walking Tour
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